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What Areas Do Lcp Chimney Sweep Cover?

We cover Flintshire, Wrexham, Denbighshire, some of Conwy, and all surrounding villages and towns.

What Will Happen If My Chimney Is Not Swept?

Regular cleaning of your chimney is important as the system will not work as efficiently if this is not carried out. Furthermore, for the safety of your property, you may require a chimney safety certificate for home insurance purposes. Therefore, it is a wise decision to get your chimney swept in order to fulfil some home insurance policies and your safety.

How Do I Pay for My Services?

You can make payment via cash, cheque, and we now accept most debit and credit card payments. The fee for our card transactions is just 2.75% of the total amount payable.

Do You Sell and Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

Yes, we do, for your safety and convenience. Please let us know if you need a carbon monoxide alarm when booking an appointment. Alternatively, you can let us know when we are working at your property as we nearly always carry alarms with us.

Do You Carry out CCTV Inspections?

Yes, we do. After completing the CCTV inspection, we will provide a report of our findings. Please call for quotes on this service.

How Do You Prevent Birds Nesting in Your Chimney

An anti-bird/rain cowl is the best option to prevent nesting and to stop rain getting down the chimney. We do supply and fit one of the best anti bird/rain cowl products available on the market at a very competitive price.

How Long Does a Sweep Take?

This will depend on the inspection and the condition of your chimney flue. Bird nesting, blockages, and the degree of damage in the chimney will be a lot more time consuming. A standard sweep with no problems will usually be completed within 30 to 45 minutes.

How Often Does My Chimney Need Sweeping?

How often the chimney or stove is in use and the type and quality of fuel used dictates how often the chimney needs sweeping. If you are burning dry wood, then its recommended that you sweep every three months of the fire or appliance being in constant use.

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